Drain Cleaning

Curtis Plumber offers a drain cleaning service by using a high-powered hydro-jetter, a DrainVision sewer camera and a cleaning powder called Bio-Clean. These plumbing methods are efficient techniques for a drain cleaning service. 

Drain Cleaning Equipment

At Curtis Plumbing, we have drain cleaning cable machines for normal stoppages. However, we also have hydro-jetters for those special times when a cable just won't do. A hydro-jetter uses high-pressured water to remove debris & build up along the walls of your drain pipes. Hydro Jetting, also known as Hydro Scrubbing, shoots out up to 4000psi of high-pressure water. Hydro-jetters can drastically improve the condition of your drain pipes. Hydro-jetting is used when clogs cannot be removed through traditional snaking because of stubborn roots that have made their way into sewer lines, for example. Hydro-jetting is also used before pipe lining to clear any existing debris to promote correct bonding of epoxy lining resin with the existing pipe.

DrainVision™ Sewer Camera

The DrainVision™ system is a unique remote control camera that can enter a sewer line. This enables us to visually inspect the entire length of a pipe from a house to the roadway. If we locate and correct a small problem early on, we can avoid incurring large plumbing service expenses to the customer.


Bio-Clean™ is an environmentally friendly safe drain cleaning powder. It is used as a regular maintenance product to prevent buildup along the walls of the drain pipes thereby preventing costly stoppages and repairs.

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