When water overflows the toilet bowl there is a blockage somewhere in the toilet or drain line. If the bathroom sink does not back up, then the plumbing blockage is in the toilet or very close to it. If the sink (or some other bathroom drain) is backing up, then the clog is farther along in the plumbing drain line. If drains elsewhere in the house are backing up, then the problem is likely to be somewhere in the plumbing sewer line. This article addresses only those clogs that are in or near the toilet. Clogs farther along the drain or sewer lines will require different plumbing equipment and have to be accessed through a clean-out or by removing the toilet from the floor.

If the obstruction may be the result of an object dropped into the toilet, such as a toy or a washcloth, then it is best to try and retrieve it rather than force it farther along. Other clogs resulting from normal flushed waste may be cleared with the use of a plunger or closet auger.

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